Joe Kennedy is my Facebook friend … once removed

I didn’t vote in yesterday’s primary, as I’m not a Democrat.  I’m not a Republican, either, though I don’t really look at Scott Brown posing in Cosmo when I was still in diapers as a reason not to vote for him.

There are at least two candidates that have gotten a minimal amount of mention.

The first is someone I have voted for in many a municipal election — Bill Coleman.  Bill didn’t get enough signatures to get on the ballot, but he totally should have asked me because I could have drummed up at least three.  Well, really, two, depending on how much I could bribe my husband.

The other candidate, Joe Kennedy, “friended” my husband last night (whose friend count is now at 576).  He wasn’t sure whether to accept the friend request, because he has high standards for friending (he has to actually know you, or have thirty friends in common, or you have to speak the Irish language) and Joe and he only had one friend in common.  (Despite the Irish surname, no word on Irish language proficiency.  I’m not holding my breath.)  I’ve even asked my husband to be a fan of the 508 podcast and he’s refused because he doesn’t know them.  That’s how high his standards are.

But my husband, like myself, loves an underdog, so he friended Joe “Not for Oil” Kennedy.  I think it’s especially important to vote for third party candidates in statewide elections, because a candidate who gets 3% of the vote guarantees that his/her party will have a major party designation in the state.  (If you want to learn more about how a party can become a “major party”, see here.  You could also bring a keg to Caro Street.)

So, I vote for a lot of Libertarians and Green Party candidates.  The Natural Law party freaks me out, so I don’t vote for them.  The people I vote for rarely win, but I feel that by voting the way I do I’m supporting people who challenge the existing governmental policies with which I disagree.  Third party and independent candidates help give us all more choice in the voting booth.

Postscript — 4.00 pm — My husband tells me that Joe Kennedy graduated from both Doherty High School and Clark University.  So, there are two candidates with a major Worcester connection…