Worcester Blog of the Week

I’ve done three interviews on this blog so far (two more to come this week!) and the inspiration for them was Gabe of My Five Senses and his attempts to get city council candidates to respond to his questions.

I haven’t seen a post from Gabe on that blog in about a month, but I think his voice is an important one, and I especially appreciate hearing his thoughts, considering that I live in a more suburban part of the city.

Keep up the good work, Gabe!  I hope to hear more of your thoughts soon!

Interview with Tyler Carroll, Chapter President, ATO Fraternity, WPI

Last week, I interviewed Sam Garland, a student at Holy Cross, regarding neighbor relationships.

Because I’d like to continue that discussion and highlight a different neighborhood, I spoke with Tyler Carroll, the president of the Gamma Sigma chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at WPI.  Their house is located on Regent Street in Worcester, and they are active participants in the Greater Hammond Heights Neighborhood Association (GHHNA). 

How were relations with your neighbors a few years ago? When they had complaints about noise, etc., did they bring them to your fraternity directly, did they go to the school, or did they phone the police?

A few years ago we were having problems with one specific neighbor. When she had problems with us, she would never contact us first, she phone the police and write letters to campus and to our National Fraternity Headquarters. Continue reading

RMV on the Pike

It seems that the Charlton RMV isn’t the ony RMV branch on the Pike that inspires complaints.

If you’re going to the hearing today in Southbridge, you may want to mention the issues in Natick, especially the RMV’s propensity to promise and not deliver.  From the Globe article, emphasis mine:

According to a memo sent by Town Administrator Martha White after the October meeting, Registry officials committed to numerous improvements including: installing a sign at the entrance to the access road; fixing a crumbling sidewalk; installing a stop sign at the end of the access road; and reviewing the lighting in the area.

But according to Ostroff, none of these things have been done, and no one from the Registry has been in contact with the town since the October meeting.

Coffee with Konnie Taken Over

I was pleased to see that the WCCA RSS feed was a bit improved, as I don’t have Worcester cable.

I don’t need to see candidate interviews from last month’s elections, but I did click on the Coffee with Konnie interview with Dorothy Schwartz…and it’s 27 seconds of some Joe O’Brien speech.  Is this their way of saying they only want the current mayor to have a show on WCCA?  Or perhaps a more subtle statement about the fears older women have about being replaced by younger men?

I suspect, though, that this is their way of forcing me to use the Internet Archive instead of using their own bandwith.

(In all seriousness, listen to the interview.  Dorothy Schwartz has more sense in her head than most people on the City Council.  Why didn’t she run in the last election?)