Worcester Blog of the Week

I got some more kind words over the past week, so once again I’d like to pay tribute to someone who has been blogging longer than I have..

Sunday on the Block with Laurel appears every Sunday and it’s a wonderful way to start the week.  I love that I’m not the only person who refers to a certain place as the “Barnyard Zoo.” I love the shout-outs to other bloggers and the promotion of literacy, all in one post.  I definitely need to pick up the blog-as-book, if it’s still available.

Keep up the good work, Brian!  I will try to come by stART at the Station this Sunday to support your work.

(I’m also accepting nominations for any future Worcester Blogs of the Week…email me or leave a comment.)

One thought on “Worcester Blog of the Week

  1. Brian Nelson says:

    Hi, Nicole! To quote the great J. Wellington Wimpy, thank you too much for your kind words as regards Laurel and the blog. We’re delighted no little to help start your Sunday with a smile and appreciate your taking the time for telling us so. Bestest always from Laurel and me, and be seeing you Sunday!

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