My Love is Like a Red, Red Rosalie

I don’t think it’s any secret that I abhor sloppy journalism, even when that sloppy journalism is in the guise of a blog-post-cum-future-InCity-Times-column.

Here’s a tip for Rosalie Tirella: don’t throw rocks from a glass house.

Alcoholism is not the Irish (with Wasp thrown in, so that she can also insult Allen Fletcher) disease she portrays.

Ireland has a teetotaler percentage of 21%.  Contrast this with Poland and Italy, each of which have teetotaler rates of 18%.

Also, see page 63 of A Natural History of Alcoholism (in the above link):

Unlike Ireland, Italy has a problem with alcoholism in children. … Indeed, Italy is the only country of which I know that has an alcohol unit associated with a department of pediatrics!

Whatever issues the Irish may or may not have with alcohol, I don’t see what bearing they have on the drinking habits of American teenagers, who may or may not be of Irish descent.  Perhaps the package stores Rose frequents do genetic testing to justify her claims.

I would suggest that Rose also look at the work the Amethyst Initiative is doing on the binge-drinking problems that are happening in colleges all over the country.  This is not a Holy Cross thing, this is not an Irish-American thing.  Our society is utterly failing to teach young people how to drink in moderation.

Also, I’m not sure what city Rose has been living in, but WPI has had neighbor relationship issues.  I’ll be interviewing a member of the ATO fraternty at WPI early next week regarding the work his fraternity has done to repair their relationship with their neighbors.

Another tip: Robbie Burns was Scottish, not Irish. Please mention Yeats the next time you want to insult the Irish.

3 thoughts on “My Love is Like a Red, Red Rosalie

  1. Bozo The Blogger says:

    “Here’s a tip for Rosalie Tirella: don’t throw rocks from a glass house.”

    You meant perhaps? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


    Sooner or later you’ll get it the hang of blogging.

  2. Andy Fish says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! Great reaction to Rosalie’s editorial.
    Keep calling ’em like you see them!

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