I wish there had been a liveblog of the Holy Cross/neighbor noise discussion.

Of course, half the people who discuss this on the Telegram website bring up PILOT and taxing the college.  If Holy Cross paid as much PILOT as WPI ($270,000ish a year), why would the city need to listen to the neighbors at all?  The revenue it would be getting from the residents of the College Hill neighborhood (or at least the vocal ones) wouldn’t be a match for what the college would contribute.

I haven’t been a fan of PILOT in the past, but maybe the College should consider paying it.  Then they could just wave money at the city to ignore the problems, and they wouldn’t need to have press conferences filled with empty promises and the same complaints ever again.

One thought on “Town/Gown

  1. t-traveler says:

    the city has allocated some of the PILOT funds received from colleges to the library, pursuant to the agreement.

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