More on Parking

T-Traveler notes that this topic was discussed “quite extensively” a year ago in Nick K’s column

Here is the link to the proposal the City Manager made at that City Council meeting.  (And my opportunity to say how annoying the document search interface is on the city’s website.) 

On page two of his proposal, he says, “My recommendation is to prepare a request for proposal to retain the services of a specialized firm that has expertise to research, assess, and craft such public asset transactions thoroughly and to seek out these potential, qualified investors in the marketplace… I have met with at least three qualified firms that have this specific expertise so I would expect very competitive bidding even at this stage.”

I’ve looked and cannot find the RFP for a firm that would research these transactions.  Does someone know if it went out and who was retained?

(I did find a note about an RFP for the airport parking in the FY10 budget, but this whole “leasing out municipal parking” idea was not mentioned in the Off-Street parking section of the FY10 budget.)

It seems to be that we still need to see whatever the firm’s recommendations would be and that the Council would make a decision after that about whether outsourcing the parking would work. 

Unless we have a firm, and unless their recommendations have been approved, we shouldn’t start talking about privatizing parking.

One thought on “More on Parking

  1. t-traveler says:

    there is a big hole in municipal procurement law that may allow this to happen without an RFP or competitive bid . see the attached,, exemptions start on page 127

    there was additional comment in the Telegram, an editorial
    Core focus; Lease opportunities would benefit critical services
    Anonymous. Telegram & Gazette. Worcester, Mass.: Oct 8, 2008. pg. A.10

    and a news story when the council approved the strategy

    Council endorses asset lease proposal; Airport, Union Station among sites eyed
    Nick Kotsopoulos. Telegram & Gazette. Worcester, Mass.: Oct 8, 2008. pg. B.1

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