Library Tip: Auto Repair Manuals

I don’t know how many people are aware of it, but the library has a very good collection of automotive repair manuals.

You can find them in the library catalog by searching for:

Author = Haynes, John Harold or Author = Chilton Book Company  (For my car model, the stock the Haynes manuals, but you might need to search for Chilton for your model.) 

You might also be able to find the book by LC Subject = (your car’s make).  So, if you own a Toyota, search by LC Subject = Toyota.

You’ll find listings like Toyota Automobiles — Maintenance And Repair, Toyota Automobiles — Maintenance And Repair — Amateurs’ Manuals, and Toyota Automobiles — Maintenance And Repair — Handbooks, Manuals, Etc.  You’ll also notice that there are individual listings for Toyota Celica Automobile, so you can also search by LC Subject = (make) (model) to refine your search.

We’ve replaced a control arm, a part for my directional signal, and an alternator for my car, all using the manual I took out of the library.  If you only need to make a repair to your car, and it’s not an emergency, I recommend requesting the repair manual online and then picking it up at the library checkout desk when it’s available.

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