DIY Preschool: The Background

(This is the first in a series of posts about Worcester-area educational activities for preschool-aged children.)

My husband (a stay-at-home parent) and I (a work-out-of-the-home parent) discussed quite a few options when our elder son turned three, and again when he turned four.  We knew that we couldn’t afford a really fancy, expensive preschool for our son, and that some of our other options (Worcester Public Schools preschool, for example) didn’t allow us a lot of flexibility.  We knew that we didn’t want to have him attend preschool five days a week, and we knew we wanted his childhood to include as much play and free time as possible, and we knew we had a limited budget.

So, that brought us to find a way to find stimulating activities for preschoolers in the Worcester area, outside of a traditional preschool.  We had a lot more options than I initially thought we would have, so I’ll write a post a day for the next week or so about what worked and didn’t work for us, in case there are others who are interested.

A caveat: I don’t consider us to be homeschoolers, and we’re not planning on homeschooling our kids.  I think sometimes discussions like this can turn into something like this: the parent who’s not doing the hard work of raising or educating the kids brags while simultaneously announcing that, well, he’s not saying his kids are geniuses or anything. 

My husband and I have the option for one of us to be at home with our kids, and we are fully aware of how blessed we are to have that option.  New converts of all stripes — educational, religious, and otherwise — run the risk of alienating others with their newfound passion for the truth.  Well, I’m not a convert to anything, I don’t believe there’s one right way for all families or all children, but I do think that parents might be able to take some ideas from what worked for us.

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