Scandinavian Fair on Saturday

I was really excited to hear that there would be a vegan feed-in outside McDonald’s on Shrewsbury Street (mostly because our household loves fake chicken)  but I won’t be able to make it because I’m going to the Scandinavian Fair.

The Scandinavian Fair will be held at the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School on Saturday, November 21, 2009, from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM.

I am of Balkan descent, so I stick out at the Scandinavian Fair like, well, a short Eastern European among a bunch of tall blonde Norwegians and Swedes. 

I go there because, for me, it’s an exotic experience.  There are things that you see at a Scandinavian Fair that you’d never see at, say, an Albanian Festival.  I got there early one year, and people were lined up, single file, no pushing, no shoving, well-behaved to the last.  There are open-faced sandwiches and accordion music and you can buy all the Moomin books and gorge yourself on chocolate and cheese.  One year I saw this beautiful, chubby white-blonde baby in an old-fashioned European pram lined with fur, stoic as a Viking on the prow of a longboat. 

You will never see so many Volvos and Saabs and BabyBjörns in your whole life.  You will be strangely tempted to buy I Was a Teenage Norwegian for your hard-to-shop-for nephew.  And, even if you’ve never had gooseberry jam before, you might be tempted to buy a jar or two.

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