The Spelling-Challenged Louella Parsons of Worcester

You know what I love about Rosalie “The Spella” Tirella?  (Besides her absolute lack of fear of libel suits, that is…)

Her ability to spell Paul Giorgio as both Gorgio and Giorgio, and her ability to fix that in the online version, but not before the column makes it to press.

I also love the leaps of logic: Phil Palmieri dines with woman in Newport, so therefore she must be moving in with his mother (!) because now he’s claiming his mom’s address as his own. Because nothing says love nest quite like moving in with your retired boyfriend’s mom.

I guess I don’t really understand how having your (alleged? fictional?) girlfriend take care of your (presumably quite elderly, if you’re 65) mother is “very Italian.”  Or maybe moving in with your mother at age 65 is “very Italian”, even though you’re really just using the address as a vehicle to running for higher office.

Rose does have a point.  It’s only been a few years since Worcester has had an elected official at the state level who claims to live at his mother’s house — viz. former state Senator Ed Augustus — and I think it would be an embarassment to have another.  Palmieri just ran as Representative for the Fourteenth Worcester District not even three years ago, and now he want to run as Rep for the Fifteenth? But there’s no need to print secondhand, anonymous accusations of adultery.

Rose (and/or Cheez Wiz) needs to do a stakeout of Phil Palmieri’s mother’s house to find out who’s really living there.  How often is Phil there?  Does he spend the night?  Do a Phil-watch on the In City Times website.  That way, if Guy Glodis wins the state auditor’s office, and if Pedone wins the Sheriff race, then the people of the Fifteenth Worcester District will be able to determine whether Phil is, in fact, one of them.

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