Random Links, 11/10

Utah has a stereotypical statue of Massasoit.  As far as I can tell, no Romney connection…

Dudley cat lady makes USA Today.  (via Slate, lest anyone think I actually read USA Today…)

Ever wondered why the outlets in Shrewsbury are upside down?  So did I.

In the “reading the In City Times is an official reason for not being admitted to Mensa” category, Rosalie Tirella uses someone as a source for a column (about Christina Andrianopolous) and then castigates him for being litigious.  It’s reminiscent of how Mack Fairbanks used to have a little photo column in her paper and then found himself on the outs with Rose because of some web hostage-taking.  Takeaway: don’t say anything to Rose that you don’t want published in her paper, twice.

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